Does technology makes us slaves or ...?


There is no doubt that modern technology is one of mankind's greatest achievements. From the internet to Ipods technology makes the world a better place to live in; we can do things faster, we can do things more efficiently, and we can explore even the most remote corners of the world with just a push of a button. What is there not to love about modern technology?

Well first of all the term modern technology is very difficult to capture since it entails so many and essentially different things. In order for modern technology to make sense you need to have a unique perpective on it, and this is exactly what Tony Long from Wired magazine offers in this article; "Dark underbelly of technology".  It is an excellent article not because its views are revolutionary but because it makes you think. Modern technology has an effect on people and the way we live and Tony Long gives his version which goes into the heart of the pre-requisites of for example Wired magazine's existence ... However, bear in mind; Tony Long is not a techonology hater but merely a journalist who understands the art of differentiation and as such I will endorse the last words of his article.

 "So take a little break. Get some sunshine. Go down to the cafe and keep communion with a tortured poet"

Excellent! ... Or what?