Is web 2.0 past the honeymoon stage?

web.2.0.jpg All the things we love about the internet; open source ressources, wikis, RSS and Atom syndication, and blogs/vlogs can be narrowed down to what the smart people call web 2.0 - see article from Wired here. A new way to use the internet as it has emerged from the dot-com crash of 2001; one of web 2.0 biggest proponents is Microsoft’s Scobleizer.

The vast array of blogs, wikis and vlogs have created a new society of open source information with interactiveness, discussion and sharing as the key words. These are the predominant characteristics of the web 2.0 and also why we love it; however ironically enough this may also be one if its greatest problems.

This article from Wired magizine explores what is described as the first signs of a pathological development in which the open source environment itself becomes a victim of abuse precisely because it is open.  

"Web 2.0 is very open, but all that openness has its downside: When you invite the whole world to your party, inevitably someone pees in the beer.

These days, peed-in beer is everywhere. Blogs begat splogs -- junk diaries filled with keyword-rich text to lure traffic for ad revenue."

See also this article from Wired on Splogs 

The question raised by the article is an important one and the need for some kind of regulation of Wikis and the blogosphere in general might be called for. But it is a dangerous path to tread as it goes into the heart and soul of web 2.0. The vastness of the internet has always required a vigorous screening of information and so does for example blogs and wikis. The media effect of blogs and the future potential of vlogs and podcasting is not someting which can be destroyed by a few splogs.