Can bloggers make the green grow?


Can blogs make you rich and famous? That is a question many a businessman and woman are asking themselves in these days. The fact that the internet based companies can create enormous pools of money is an undisputed fact. However, when it comes to blogging the situation is more complex. There is not doubt that blogging as a phenomenon is spreading rapidly and also creating new spheres of interactivity such as videologs and podcasting. But the question remains ... can you make money off of it? Well I haven't felt anything yet Psychotic..

Apparently blogging as communicative hubs of interactivity can easily be capitalised as for example prooved by AOL who recently acquired the online community Weblogs for a staggering $ 85 mill cash transaction - see aritcle from Wired magazine here . However, when it comes to individual bloggers the possibilities for richesse are more limited. One possibility of capitalising your efforts is Goggles Adsense which offers the blog publisher a profit pending on the hits and clicks received through theme related ads on the publisher's site, but apparently the efforts do not macth the earnings - see article from Wired magazine here

Well I am not in it for the money anyway ... New idea.