Copenhagen business school goes BLOG ...

cbs.jpgAbout two months ago even before I began this blog I volunteered to participate in a pilot project of creating two blogs/vlogs on the Copenhagen Business School; one representing my own study program Bsc in business, language, and culture and one representing our Asian sister the Asian Studies Program - ASP. See my sidemenu "Affiliates" for links to the sites.

What are these blogs/vlogs going to deal with then, and who are making them?

It is important for me to stress that the sites both have an internal as well as an external communicative dimension which is well captured in the quote below from the posting policies on the two sites...

"As an internal voice the blogs will serve as a hub for discussion concerning campus events and issues as well as the academic contents of the courses. Externally it is our vision to present the BLC and ASP as international study programs and CBS as an international institution of higher learning. As such we invite everyone to take part in the discussion"

The blogs are administered by both faculty and students and we are currently 11 students assigned as a part of the PPC(Passionate Production Crew) in charge of producing the content of the sites. There are no major strains on the PPC members and the content is not decided and modified by CBS staff.    

I should also take this occasion to thank some external consultants we have had on board during the whole, and sometimes, stressing process of getting it all to work. A warm thank should consequently go to the E-Mediators Jon Froda and Jesper Bindslev for assisting in introducing the PPCs to all aspects of blogging as well as helping with the launch and the actual endeavor of project management; they have even given us a plug in order to give us a flying start into the blogosphere; see their post here. Notable credit should also go to Anders Pollas and guan for contributing with the backbone of the project - the sites themselves. Finally we should thank our friend, the supervlogger, Andreas Haughstrup.

I must admit that I did not know much about blogging and vlogging before I entered this project but I have become a more versatile communications student as a result ... and more is surely to come !