The mirror of Paris riots

riots-paris_1997.JPGAs the riots in Paris suburbs continue to flourish it is due time to ask the question; why? The apparent answer is the death of two teenagers last thursday; in their attempt to escape the police they crawled the fence of an electrical power station and were jolted to death.  This caused immediate riots as the police was blamed for the two boys' death.

However, as the riots continue for the seventh consecutive night the reason and scope of the conflict are bound to be more than the dreadful events cited above. The recent events in Paris thus re-capture some important questions concerning the Maghreb culture in French society and marginalised immigrants on a whole in Europe. 

"The rioting has grown into a broader challenge for the French state. It has laid bare discontent simmering in suburbs where African and Muslim immigrants and their French-born children are trapped by poverty, unemployment, discrimination, crime and poor education and housing."  - See article from CBS news, and article from Nouvelobs.

The French administration is hard lining and in particular the interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy; see article from Nouvelobs. 

I wonder whether this is the right approach ?

The riots in Paris have also fuelled an interesting discussion over at the Fistful of Euros in this post by Doug Merrill.