Alpha.Sources-CV in 2006

So, as we begin the new year it seems as good idea to make a status of three months of bloggging. First of all I should thank all my readers (I know you are out there:)), I shoul also tell a little about what has happened in the first three months of Alpha.Sources-CV's life and what I hope will happen in the future.

Firstly I will briefly describe my presence in the blogossphere; who I interact and who I hope to interact with in the future.
The first thing you should do is to go see my blogroll as it is a very good indication of what and who I write about.

- I see myself as an odd part of the community of econ.bloggers. and as you will see they also acount for a large chunk of my blogroll. I am no economic expert but I find that the econ.bloggers have a distinctive community with a tone and most importantly with a topical sphere that is very appealing to me.

- I have also come to cherish the community surrounding the excenllent groupblog "A Fistful of Euros" of which I am a regular reader and hopefully, in the new year, a regular commenter as well. Particularly I should mention Edward Hugh whom I have shared many interesting views and discussions which I hope will continue in the new year as well.

- I will also mention the initial project which brought me into the blogossphere, namely as one of the producers the two group blogs Cultunomics and Not a green dragon officially endorsed by the Copenhagen Business School. The former is framed around my study program Business, Language, and Culture whereas the latter around the Asian Studies Program. I strongly recommend you to include these blogs in your regular readings in 2006 as we will hopefully present a valuable and interesting insight into the Copehagen Business School as an institution and of the study programs mentioned above.

What to expect from Alpha.Sources-CV in 2006?

Well, essentially the same as you have been able to read in the three months already gone by. However, there will a few changes.

1. I have bought a digital camera and I plan to make some sort of gallery so that you will know what I actually look like (brace yourselves:)) and perhaps to show you where I live and a bit of Copenhagen etc.

2. However, it is not all going to be fun and comedy. In order to make some sort of structure I will try to create some regular postings every week. My idea is to center them around two weekly columns in The Economist Charlemagne dealing with European issues and Buttonwood dealing with economics. I have not decided yet and if anyone feels that I am stealing their ideas/thunder please let me know :).

3. I will interact, hopefully, more with my blogroll.

Like all resolutions for the new year they probably won't last through january, but here is to hoping.



Claus Vistesen