Podcasting Economics

podsacting.jpg The recent addition to my blogroll Dr. Atanu Dey (Atanu Dey on India's development) points us to a site by Dr. James Reese which presents podcasts and radio of economics. The site has been online for some time but I take that at least some of my readers don't know of it.

"Prof Reese is providing an excellent platform where you can hear recognized intellectuals (...) The interviews and discussions he’s been producing have been downloaded over 78.875 times since mid-october."

I can only agree with the statement above and in terms of bundling econbloggers together as well as showing the world some of the lads' research it is a great medium. I will be following Reese's site closely in the future and make sure the 12000+ students at Copenhagen Business Shcool, or at least some of them, will learn of its existence. In short; a very good concept and idea which no doubt enriches the econ-blogosphere -  Go have a look