AFEM: A round-up of EU-news

Doug Merril points us to a nice new news service over at A Few Euros More (sisterblog to AFOE). It is hosted by German's agency of civil eduation and the ambition is to publish a free and daily round-up of the European press; the site/service is called Eurotopics and is formally organized as a newsletter service from the German public insitution mentioned above. Doug likes what he sees so far ...

"It's by no means comprehensive, and thank goodness or it would be impossibly long, but I like the eclectic selection of papers and topics."

At a first and very short glance it looks as a good bid for a prominent place in your Bloglines account but sadly you cannot subscribe through RSS ... only mail. This is a major deficiency in my opinion but that does not mean the content is not good; so go check it out anyway. And if you have a tap into the German agency of civil education tell them to publish their newsletters through RSS.


Random disclaimer; I am sorry I haven't been posting very much this week; school has been really pushing on my time lately, more than usual that is ;) ...  I hope it will be better after tomorrow.