Two New Additions to My Blogroll

My recent surfings around blogland has revealed two new very interesting blogs to me. The first is called Economic Investigations and is written by Romanian economics student

In terms of notable entries Gabriel has started his own club of economists.  

Enough with this Pigou Club vs. NoPigou Club business! And then there’s the Kill the Penny Club and the Minimum Wage Club and so on… That’s too much!

I’m starting my own club… The Junior Club for Positive Economics!

The members of The Junior Club for Positive Economics (one, at the time of this writing) believe that the economic profession is well away from its Golden Ratio (of positive research time to total time) and, that given the precarious nature of economic theory and the disappointing results in quantitative forecasting, this ration should be close to 1.

The second blog is called fxTalks written by Ivana Bottini situated in Italy. Ivana is perhaps best known as Paris IB in the comments sections over at Italian Economy Watch and also at AFOE. Needless to say I don't agree with Ivana about much of what we are discussing about Italy and the Eurozone, demographics and economic growth etc. However, she is persistent, argues well, and well formulated although sometimes rather 'straightforward.' Her blog fxTalks deals generally with markets where particularly the US current account deficit attracts Ivana's attention.

Try this one for example ...  

I love the way things work right now. First, we have the statistics which may or may not create the desired view of reality. Right now the powers-that-be would like to propogate the view that the United States is competitive. This is a pretty heroic aim, given that the only thing going on in the United States right now is outsourcing and retrenchment. And then there is the little problem that the United States doesn't sell anything much to the rest of the world, with the possible exception of military equipment and a few i-pods, which in any case are made in China.

In short ... two quality blogs even though you might not agree with their content.