Two New Additions To My Blogroll

Yep, yep, the Econsphere is getting ever more populated by talented economists and quality contents. First off I will bring to your attention a new blog by three environmental economists from Birmingham University (Hat Tip New Economist). I am looking much forward to read what they have to offer in the future and the content already up bodes well for quality.

The first post up serving as and introduction goes like this ...  

This is a new blog page where we will post information and articles for those with an interest in issues related to globalisation and the environment. Although there will be some more general globalisation related posts this site is primarily for environmental related links and discussion.

But also try this one;

Global Warming - the most media hyped environmental issue of all time?

'Enough of the good news stories. On the 26th of September Senator James Inhofe gave a lengthy speech on the media's reporting of global warming. This speech is a quite astonishing example of what the world is up against. However, the speech does need to be read and considered although with Senators like this I suspect we may be doomed after all.'

Second blog is one I scooped up by surfing the new globalization/environmental blog mentioned above. Girl Economist is the name and hiding under that title is Tammy Barlow Murphy, an assistant professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. In her first post she writes about her blog project ...

I am not certain yet as to what this blog will turn out to be. I started it because I wanted a place where people, and my students in particular, could go if they wanted to learn more about economics in a very user-friendly, familiar way. Right now my plan is to continue to update and add to the links at the right, to occasionally direct you to some interesting stuff going on in the world, to address broad student questions that come up, and to post a bit of commentary now and then.

Check also this one out about water report falsifying in New York.

'A scary report about a New York employee that falsified drinking water quality reports in the NYT yesterday:'

Welcome to the both of them and best wishes from Alpha.Sources!