A Notable Addition to My Blogroll

As a subscriber of The Economist through the last three years I have often wondered how the magazine's web strategy was working. I mean why have an excellent economics writer hiding under the telling pseudonym Buttonwood to slumber away in a weird online column format halfway between a real blog (you know with RSS, decent commentary functions, and permalinks) and a weekly article. Buttonwood is still online but now also have a place in the print edition which at least signifies that the Economist's editors have made a choice. Meanwhile, it seems that The Economist now is becoming more serious about its web 2.0 aspirations with the launch of the new blog FreeExchange; thanks to Felix Salmon for pointing us to it.

The blog seems heavily biased towards The Economist content but it is also clear that its writers has taken to heart many of the heavyweight US econbloggers. In the future we can only hope that this blog will create its own voice aside from The Economist magazine; in fact it is already well under way I would say.

Definitely one for your blogroll I would say and even though you don't like The Economist this new blog is sure to add considerable value to an already flourishing and dynamic econsphere.

Best Wishes from Alpha.Sources.