Blogging the CBS case competition ... well worth a look!

cbs case.jpg If you want to see how educational blogging/vlogging in Denmark is on the move I can highly recommend you to visit the two blogs at Copenhagen Business School Not a Green Dragon (for the Asian Studies Program) and Cultunomics (for the BLC program); I am part of the producing crew writing the latter. 

If you did not know it, this is week where the CBS Case Competition takes place. 

"A total of 12 teams participate, each consisting of 4 undergraduate students. Each team represents the top of class at their home university. The actual case will be focused on providing solutions to a “real-life” business problem that a company is facing in its current situation. Only the three best teams make it to the final round, which is open to the public. The winner of the CBS Case Competition is announced at the following Awards Banquet."

Armed with video cameras and work ethic Nina and Christina from Cultunomics as well as Anders, Lars and Friedhelm form Not a Green Dragon have initiated a semi-documentary by publising one video every day during the week as they follow the teams participating in the competition; notice the lack of my name - I am just enjoying the show! 

Two videos have already been published and more will certainly come. As I mention in the headline this week's activity at Not a Green Dragon and Cultunomics is well worth a look.

Video 1 (here and here).

"Day one: Arrival at Copenhagen Airport and “Hyggecup” at Carlsberg.
Join our crew on a very early Sunday morning at Copenhagen Airport where the last participating teams are arriving. They are facing a week of sightseeing, various social arrangements, and then of course the essential 36-hour case solving. But first the teams need to recover from their long flights – and what better way to do that then a trip to Carlsberg!"

Video 2 (here and here

"It’s now Monday, and after an entire day of sightseeing it’s time for a more formal welcome which includes the big ‘Welcome Dinner’ at The Carlsberg Museum. In these beautiful surroundings the dressed up participants once again meet each other and are introduced to the ambassadors."