British beef back in business

I defintely think this derserves mention. After ten 10 years of a de-facto export ban by EU on British exporters it is now once again time to re-introduce market forces. About time I should say.

"British farmers predicted a revival of the UK’s hard-pressed beef industry on Wednesday as a 10-year old European ban on exports of British beef was lifted.

European Union veterinary experts meeting in Brussels unanimously agreed that the ban on beef and cattle from the UK, imposed in March 1996 after the BSE crisis, should go. Exports can begin following an expected green light from the European Commission in six weeks’ time.

Peter Kendall, president of the National Farmers’ Union, said: “We are now back on an even footing with our competitors in the [EU] and I believe the quality of the British product will ensure that we begin to recapture our share of beef sales on the continent as soon as the ban is officially lifted.”"

I Will be looking forward to some cheap British steaks.