Wildlife is returning to Germany ... a bad sign?

demography.jpg It should be said that Doug Merrill from AFOE had this story before the Economist (walled for non-subscribers). The topic is the low fertility rates of Germany and what this means for Germany in itself but crucially also for the European economic engine room. In fact, Doug Merrill's post has all the relevant comment and argument and this post is thus only written to point to the discussion which is important as well as interesting. However, now that we are here, let us ponder a bit The Economist's ending remarks on Germany's future in their brief but concise article. 

"The most obvious answer, raising the birth rate, is hard to achieve. And at least a low birth rate is good news for animals. As humans withdraw, wildlife is returning, notably near the eastern border. The lynx can be found again. The Lausitz, part of Saxony, is now home to two packs of wolves. Some even expect bears to come back one day. Their reappearance might be the ultimate sign that Germans really are a dying breed."

I am not sure the contextual framing is right or appropriate but it sure provides perspective I should say.