Demography Matters

Really attentive readers of this blog will see that my "affiliate" section in the sidebar has been expanded. What this means, is basically that I am expanding my online blogging presence with yet a new project, why? Because I like it :) (obviously Alpha.Sources will continue with crisp, timely and to the point analyses Psychotic.

Moving back on track, Demography Matters is the name of a new group blog initiated by Edward Hugh from AFOE and Bonobo Land. The idea is simple; get some people together with the same basic interests such as demography, economics etc and see what happens. As it happens I was one of the lucky ones getting a chance to do along side Edward, Marcelo, Thomas, and Randy. I already think we have something to show but do not take my word for it; go see for yourselves. 

Exciting things already up ...

Ageing in the EU25: a short introduction

"For those who are interested in the current situation on ageing in the EU region. This recent EC paper "The economic impact of ageing populations in the EU25 Member States", gives a good and concise overview."

Demographip trends show us the real emerging economies

"(...) there are likely to be notable shifts in relative growth rates within the E7, driven by divergent demographic trends."

A four letter model 

"Being a bit silly: A population P with an age structure A and an economic system T (technology -including medical technology relevant to the productive phase of the lifecycle- plus organizational methods plus laws) will be able to honor a variety of societal pledges at a level L(P, A, T).

The projected equilibrium situation in the mid- to long-term doesn't look well right now. Alternatives:"