The death of al-Zarqawi

So, they finally got him but the question obviously remains whether the world will now become a better place. I honestly do not know but one thing is certain and that is that you do not want to have USA as your enemy. There is something in me which cannot be reconciled with how it is now legitimate for the world's superpower to show their latest frags on a powerpoint presentation transmitted worldwide. But then again, if anyone deserved such it would have been Al-Zarqawi.

Kiki from Globalclashes has some thoughtfull comments which I fully endorse.  

'When I heard of the death of Al Zarqawi, I thought of Nicholas Berg, that young man whom Zarqawi killed like an animal by cutting his throat just because he was American. I don't know if the death of Al Zarqawi will save Iraq or rather will make the mission of the US easier, but I know that it means that a man who had enough enough hate within him to decapitate another human being is no longer a part of this world. I would have preferred that Zarqawi be caught alive so that he could face justice and be denied "martyrdom" but I understand that it would have been difficult to do so.  Because it is hard for me to be find happiness in the death of another human being no matter how despicable he was,  I am focusing on the fact that there is less hateful person in the world even though I know that his death may have created more hateful and more dangerous people.'