Addition to my blogroll - Eurozone Watch

I have just stumbled upon the fairly new blog Eurozone Watch by Sebastian Dullien (FT economics correspondent) and Daniela Schwarzer (a senior fellow with the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, (SWP)). In the 'about' section you get the authors' impetus for blogging ...

This blog grew out of two observations: The first is that a lot of important things happening in economics and economic governance of the euro area get lost in the large pile of (mainly national) news reported every day. Although many economic and political developments in EMU member countries have a direct impact for the partners in the Eurozone, these are all to rarely assessed in the context we today live in: a common economy with a common currency. This blog provides a space to bring together and discuss the most salient current developments from a euro-economics and euro-politics perspective.'

Regular readers of Alpha.Sources will know of my continuing rant about the Eurozone and hopefully Daniela and Sebastian can and will challenge my views or perhaps even agree from time to time ... a warm welcome none the less.