Gearing up for French elections

france.gifAnd this one has to do with immigration ...

'Immigration in France accelerated rapidly between 1999 and 2004, with more migrants arriving from Africa and Asia than from Europe, more women arriving than men, and fewer of them holding academic qualifications.

The findings of a report published on Thursday by Insee, the state statistics agency, will make interesting reading for French politicians gearing up for next April’s presidential elections.

Immigration is expected to top the agenda in the presidential campaign amid heated debates over whether the country should welcome any more foreigners as it grapples with how to integrate the millions of migrants it has already accepted.

The idea that France has been attracting more women and fewer qualified migrants could support the argument of Nicolas Sarkozy, interior minister and presidential hopeful, that the country needs to be more selective over who it allows in.'

Surely immigration is going to be one of the frontlines in the coming elections so be sure to watch it closely ... if you are interested in France and her politics and society that is.