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birthday-1.jpgYep it is today everyone that this blog can celebrate its 1st birthday and what a year it has been, at least for me. In the end I don't think that blogs should spend a lot of time on celebrating birthdays (just go on bloggin really) but still it allows me to make a quick status before I move on. I don't think I could have imagined the influence this blog and the blogosphere in general have had on my everyday routine in searching and collecting information. Blogs, and the inter-connection between them, are capable to mobilize knowledge with almost instant accessibility on a scale I do not think is rivaled by any other media. And ultimately this is also why I am in it ... for the knowledge but as it has evolved also because of some very stimulating intellectual relationships and contacts with fellow bloggers and researchers in the field of economics. A presence on the internet is obviously very different from your physical life, (and it should be!) but the spill-over effects in terms of knowledge have been extraordinary for my part. 

I would like to thank all readers, subscribers, and all those who have dropped a link to Alpha.Sources from time to time. I wish you all the best for the coming year here at Alpha.Sources and I will do my part to keep up the pace and deliver thoughtful comments, links and references for you to chew on. On a last note, if you have general comments to the site, feel free to contact me through the information in the sidebar or drop a comment in one of the recent posts.     



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