Italian Economy Watch

Italy has certainly been much in the headlines recently, at least as far as goes in the blogosphere. Is the EMU exit a feasible scenario for the future? Can Italy regain its long lost competitiveness? And what about the implications of the ageing population in the public and in fact all of the above? These are but a small list of the questions taken up by a new aggregate blog set up by my colleague Edward Hugh from Demograhy.Matters. More importantly Edward is not alone as he is joined by a young Italian MBA student currently based in Toronto (Paola) and Jon Worth from The EuroBlog.

The last post up is aptly entitled 'The Battle is About to Commence.' The title is apt not so much because it refers to the battle of the forthcoming Italian budget negotiations but because the comments section already reveals that not all agree in the discourse (this is put mildly :)) of how ageing populations affect macroeconomics and how this effect will be painfully more clear as we move forward.

In short; definitely one to watch and blogroll! 

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