GEM - Global Economy Matters

Hi dear reader,

Apart from my recent obsession with following the central bank of Japan's interest rate decisions I have also been working on another project which is now ready to fly. The project goes under the name of GEM - Global Economy Matters and is a group blog devoted to the analysis of the global economy and more specifically devoted to the idea that any country specific analysis also needs to be conceptualized and linked to the global level. Apart from the usual suspects, which would be myself and Edward, the group blog fields a very impressive a diverse bunch of economic and political analists.

The writings on GEM will be rather to the more heavy and analytical side of blogging and should be seen as a counterpart indeed complementary to for example Morgan Stanley's GEF. So if you are ever in the mood for something like that, do drop by. There are already some posts up ...

Japan's Economy: Chasing Illusions?  - Claus Vistesen

Devil May Care: Can Heterodox Policies Co-exist With or Become a Limited Part of Free Market Systems? - Aninda Mitra

The US Economy In Perspective - Edward Hugh

Structural Drivers of Global Macroeconomic Imbalances - Claus Vistesen