Recent Additions to My Blogroll

I usually note my additions to the blogroll here at AS above the fold in an entry. However, things have moved rather fast lately so I have not had time to note my blogroll additions. This I intend to amend now. What follows is a non-chronological list of my recent my blogroll additions with a small blurb attached to each one.

KGCDirect - John Gronbach

John is marketeer whic puts special emphasis on the changing scope of marketing as a result of demographic development. This is how John introduces his blog;

The demographic landscape of the United States is neither level nor static. It is the proverbial moving target. It adds a dimension to marketing that is very commonly overlooked, often with devastating consequences.

Don't miss his recent post on the big three (automakers) in the US and their inability to correct to the changing demographic landscape in the US.

Cassandra Does Tokyo

To put it very short, this is blog on Japan and more spefically finance and economics especially in a Japanese context. In the header the blog is described as such;

Mostly original content that examines financial surreality in equity markets in general, and the Japanese Stock Markets in particular.

The recent days the blog has been in the amusing corner I would argue. For example, you should not miss the report on the latest ECB announcement on interest rate decisions, funny stuff.


Aapotsikko is written by a colleague of mine who has recently joined the team at Demography.Matters as well as Global.Economy.Matters. Apotsikko is Aapo Markkanen's personal weblog which he describes with the followig words ...

A 24-year old Finn. Studies administrative science, international relations and other stuff in Tampere. Blogs mostly about Finland and Europe. Has studied a year in Italy and also lived some months in Holland and Lithuania. And has once appeared on Albanian television, though very drunk.

Note for example his latest post on the conditions of Finnish students.  


Europe.view is really not a blog in its traditional sense but rather an online column. It features amongst many online columns embedded in the Economist's online presence. There is specific reason why I have this column on my blogroll and not all the other Economist online columns (although I should really add the ever readable Buttonwood too) and this is that it is, to my knowledge, maintained by the Economist's editor of Eastern Europe Edward Lucas. Edward also has his own blog which features his stories in the Economist print edition. His stories and columns are always very readable and in terms of his writings in general in the Economist I would argue that they add considerable value to the magazine.

Election Resources on the Internet

Election Resources is an excellent website maintained by Manuel Álvarez-Rivera who is also contributing to the Global.Economy.Matters blog (see link above). The site provides in-depts election tracker service of elections around the globe and provides sharp political analysis.

Highly recommendable!


Eurointelligence is a new web resource which provides a myriad of analysis, commentary and data on the European and Euro economy. If you are into the European economy for some reason or the other there is really not way around this site. A lot of the content is maintained and provided by the columnist at FT Wolfgang Munchau.

Note for example this analysis by Munchau which muses about how carry trade and the build up of liquidity in the Eurozone and most importantly Euro/Yen appreciation might actually mess up the ECB's strategy of interest rate normalization.  

John Booke 

John Booke's blog is fairly new and deals with economics and foreign exchange topics.

Take a look for example at this post which presents a time series of potential growth in the US and suggests that the Q4 figures of 2006 marks a growth rebound.

China Law Blog 

China Law Blog essetially presents itself as mainly writing about Chinese business law but in reality its scope is much bigger and broader. The blog's own description goes as follows;

China Law Blog focuses on business law in China. It is written by Dan Harris, an international lawyer based in the United States and Steve Dickinson, an international lawyer based in China. Dan and Steve are both members of Harris & Moure, pllc, a boutique International Law Firm.

Staying in the tune of the contributors' expertise you should check out this entry on the Chinese court system.  

Wasatch Economics

This last one is a bit special for me. It is a blog on finance and economics and it is written by an all time friend and commenter here on Alpha.Sources Scott Martens from Utah US. Scott also has another blog Redcloudresearch at which he writes on technology.

Note for example this entry on an analysis of collateralized debt obligations.

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