Recent Additions to my Blogroll ...June/July 2007

Yes, my dear readers. It is time once again for one of these and this time there are quite a lot additions so get ready for some serious blurbing. I should also say that the high quantity of added blogs reflect that it is quite a while since I made on of these posts. Yet, let us not delay it further ... blurb away!

The first one is indeed an original addition to the blogosphere. The name is Macroman and through following his daily notes you should bd well away to a greater understanding of the international financial markets. I am not sure what I like most about him/her (?), the tongue-in-cheek tone, the daily updated portfolio, or the very sharp mind behind the keyboard. What I do know however is that I learn a lot from writings and you could too.

The second one is in the same ballpark as the one above but more focused. This time, were are going to Spain and more specifically the olive fields of Andalucia (I guess). IBEX Salad is the name after the Spanish major stock market index and this blog maintained by Charles Butler consequently follows day-to-day movements of Spanish security markets and on occasion olive oil futures too. Well worth a look!

The third blog of the list is far afield from financial market watching and commentary. Under the name of Longevity Science Dr. Leonid Gavrilov (Ph.D. in Chicago) blogs on a wide range topics with one common denominator; ageing and longevity. This is how the blog is presented ...

This Scientific Blog represents research efforts aimed to understand the mechanisms of aging and longevity in order to extend healthy and productive human lifespan.

Clearly, as a scholar interested in demographics I need to keep a weather eye on this one and you should too.  

The next blog in line takes us directly back into the world of finance. The blog (essentially a site) under the of AllAboutAlpha presents financial news and commentary in line with SeekingAlpha. Here is how the site is presented ...

We've redesigned to be a destination for "alpha-centric" investing news, analysis and opinion.  Whether you are interested in our daily op/ed, the latest news items, or our growing library of video clips on topics like portable alpha, 130/30, hedge funds, or alpha/beta separation, we hope you will want to make "AAA" a regular part of your day.

If you need to keep up with the latest from the twisty world of finance and global markets the 'triple A' would not be a bad place to start.

As a fifth addition we have another notable addition to the wide blogosphere. Written by the French author and specialist in the Nordic countries Alain Lefebvre the blog Nordicmodel posts widely on the much allured social and economic model of the nordic countries. This is what Alain wrote in his first post ...

Writing and publishing about the Nordic Models, I realized there were no place to find all the articles, publications and informations about the nordic models, when their success make them so interesting a study that quite a lot is published.

I hope this will help a maximum of people in their studies and researches, and also satisfy the curiosity of the public about this success story of policies which proves to be efficient, even when there is a high level of social protection.

If you want to feed the website with your production, or if you want to signal us an article for postin, please feel free to contact us at the following address: nordeo [at]

In short, if the Nordic countries have your interest in any way, there is no way out of this one. The next one adds the fourth blog to the blogging franchise of Nouriel Roubini's Global Economic Monitor (RGE). This time around the focus is Latin America and under the name of the Latin America Economonitor this blog covers the Latin American economies in a way which is unrivalved at this point in the blogosphere (at least, to the best of my knowledge). This is how Nouriel Roubini welcomed the readers back in May when the blog began ...

Dear readers, welcome to the new RGE Latin American Economonitor Blog. Starting today May 14th a group of almost twenty leading Latin American economists will blog regularly on this blog and provide their insights and views on the important economic issues - especially the macroeconomic ones - faced by Latin America, both as a region and as individual countries.This group of economists includes scholars and experts from academia, former policy makers and private sector and financial market practitioners from a variety of Latin American countries.

Once again, if this region has your interest I hardly think you could pick a better point of reference.

The next one in line is really an old time favorite on these posts but since he migrates so much I am bound to include him once in a while. Yes, you guessed it ... it is Felix Salmon. This time I am adding his blog Market Movers over at From there he blogs about a wide variety of topics in economics and finance and as always the quality is top notch.

Don't worry know, we are almost at the end :). Just not yet, and the next blog marks one of the latest additions to the most impressive re-wamp of the Economist's website layout and interactiveness. The blog is devoted to Europe and called Certain Ideas of Europe and with the backing of the Economist's excellent journalists the quality is sure to be in the very high end of the scale.

This next one is really a bit of an outlier compared to the bunch above if not only for the language in which it is written. As such Nykredit's new weblog on the Danish housing and mortgage market is in Danish and I am really only adding it in order to mark the creation of the first econblog in Danish. But, by all means, if you speak Danish and you are interested the Danish mortgage market this is where you want to go.

The second last blog this time is indeed interesting. The blog is maintained under the GSI institute (Global Strategy Institute) based in Washington, here is info on the institute ...

The CSIS Global Strategy Institute is dedicated to promoting far-sighted thinking about the looming challenges ahead and the strategic solutions necessary to face them. In today’s complex, fast-paced world, it is more difficult than ever for leaders to look beyond short-term pressures and consider the bigger picture. The Global Strategy Institute encourages long-range vision by analyzing global trends and offering executive education seminars that connect leaders to the cutting-edge thinking at CSIS. To that end, the Global Strategy Institute is engaged in a number of exciting projects and initiatives:

The blog is new but already has a slew of very interesting posts and references up and it bodes well indeed for the future.

Finally, we have reached the end dear reader with the inclusion of the last blog this time around. My immediate impetus for this is that I am doing research at the moment for a paper on housing and real estate markets. During my work I consequently stumbled upon the site which is a ressource for real estate investors. And wouldn't you know it? They just started a blog. It is of course very narrow in terms of focus but I for one am going to follow this one closely.

Pheew, we are done and this must indeed be enough blurbing for one day. Regarding my blogroll in general I clearly do not follow all blogs equally close. Rather, I like to think about it as a list of quality references and sources and you would be hard pressed not to find anything interesting amongst the blogs listed.