Swamped ...

I guess you may have noticed that activity has hit a trough here at Alpha.Sources. The reason? Well, apparently, you author has managed to position himself right smack in the middle of a viper's nest in the form of the first year courses of the MSc in Economics at HEC Lausanne. Actually, this should not be a problem since yours truly is actually a second year MSc student, but alas; when the world is defined exclusively in terms of lagrange multipliers, Kuhn-Tucker conditions, open balls (!?), eigenvectors, as well as the odd Cramér-Rao bound the time allocated to blogging (indeed thinking independently!) has to go down. Indeed, sometimes, yours truly wonders whether the modern form of catharsis represented by leafing through the finer arts of Neo-Classical economics is really one big contradiction with respect to the much hailed principle of marginal utility analysis?

If you smell a cry-baby somewhere here it would be unfair, although there is always(!) a bigger fish. As such, your humble author has no problem whatsoever admitting his inferior skills with respect to algebra and calculus relative to his peers at the same time as he can safely conclude that he has learned more quantitative "stuff" in the past two months than during an entire year (well, lifetime actually) at his program in Copenhagen.

So, he will keep on moving forward and here is to hoping that blogging can be kept at a minimum as we move towards christmas.

General infoclaus vistesen