Sporadic Blogging from the Slopes of Austria ...

I am just moving quickly here to say that I am in Austria this week indulging myself with some enjoyment of the Austrian alpes. As a consequence blogging will be sporadic but I hope that I will move in some time during the week. The ECB is meeting on Thursday which as ever will be interesting. A holding operation is a certainty but I think this might very well be the last one since between here and the March session new data will be rolling in not least the Q4 GDP figures. As such, a lot will depend on the trajectory of the economic data as well as of course inflation since the latter will need to stay persistently high for the ECB to remain vigilant.

Ok, that was it for now. As I said, I will probably move in with some sporadic observations since I am working a bit too anyway (I have to I am afraid).  

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