Assorted Articles on why Demographics Matter

In times like this when financial markets demand that we economists keep a bit more than a standard weary eye on the unfolding events it is often difficult to find time to stay on top of the ongoing development in the more tranquil world of academia and research. Over at Demography.Matters I try to make amende as I try to kick start a tradition by posting the first edition of the research digest. As the main venue of this initiative is a blog put on the web to discuss how demography affects the economic world we live in the focus is naturally skewed towards this specific topical sphere. In the first edition I comment on four articles of which three are actual papers.

The Labour Supply of Older Americans - Alicia H. Munnell and Steven A. Sass (2007) Center of Retirement Research Boston College.

Population ageing, Labour Demand and the Structure of Wages - Margarita Sapozhnikov and Robert K. Triest (2007) Center for Retirement Research at Boston College

Is There Really a Retirement Savings Crisis? - Alicia H. Munnell, Anthony Webb, and Francesca Golub-Sass (2007) Center for Retirement Research at Boston College

Capital Income Flows and the Relative Well-Being of America's Aged Population - Barry P. Bosworth, Gary Burtless, and Sarah E. Anders (2007) Center for Retirement Research at Boston College

Go have a look.