Brad Setser Migrates To his New Home Hosted by the Council of Foreign Relations

As any seasoned blogger will know the decision to migrate to a new site is often not an easy one (even if it was, in Brad Setser's case, a necessary one I imagine). In this way, the lock in mechanism of building a backlog of links on other blogs' blogrolls as well as to have your RSS feed tugged away nicely in your readers' aggregators is quite high. As such, it is always nice to have a bit of help if and when such a move happens.

I always assume that most of my readers actually know Brad Setser when I link to his stuff but in case you don't you can get a short bio here. Basically, Brad is the blogosphere's global imbalances and foreign FX reserve watcher number 1 and together with Macro Man's more market oriented perspectives you would be very hard pressed to find anything more elaborate on the whole global flow of funds topic. Hell, if you add in the semi-official notes from Morgan Stanley's Stephen Jen writing out of the New York based investment bank's Global Economics Forum you will be extremely well covered for an initial monetary outlay of USD 0.00. Ok, what is this about then?

Well, for the last few years Brad has been writing out his previous employer's (Roubini Global Economics - RGE) website. Those of you who have followed his writings closely will also know then that he changed position some six months ago to the Council of Foreign Relations where he is now a Fellow of Geoeconomics. Now he has also finally settled in on his new blog hosted by the CFR website (indeed thanks to RGE for keeping him online if the alternative would have been radion silence). Aptly, the new blog is entitled 'Follow the Money' and I consequently encourage you to follow Brad over to his new setting. More specifically, we should edit our feed readers and change our blogrolls so that Brad's new blog can quickly obtain the Google rating it so clearly deserves (although I am not sure that it does not in fact already have a pretty high mark since Brad's huge archive has also been transferred). In any case, be sure to update those backlinks!