A Small Break ...

Unlike Edward who spends part of his holiday in and around the lighthouses of Costa Brava keeping track of the Eurozone economy, I am actually going radio silent for the next week or so.  As you can consequently learn by dissecting my site profile the autumn/winter semester 08/09 is to spent elsewhere than my normal habitat close to the campus' of the Copenhagen Business School. My destination is Switzerland and more specifically the northern shores of le lac Leman where the city of Lausanne peers towards Geneva and beyond.  

Such a trip and seeing that it will last for five months naturally takes some logistic efforts. This is the case, not least in the context of finding a place to stay which has actually pushed forward my time table a week. The housing/rental market in Lausanne is not for the faint of heart I can tell you. It is not the prices I am worried about as such, but more so the availability of proper student accomodations for all the students who will be travelling to Lausanne this year.

I am mainly going to Lausanne (of all potential places) because of the courses the school (HEC Lausanne) has to offer over the ones (electives) taught here at the CBS. I hope to study adv. macroeconomics and econometrics (I am mad, I know) and then we will see what else I need to fill up my slots. Financial accounting also seems to be creeping in to my schedule too, even if I am trying to avoid it ... 5 months churning through the latest IFRS mantlepiece is not my idea of fun.

However, and this even applies for me, I am also going for the simple pleasure of travelling. Exchange agreements between universities are a wonderful thing, and I can only suggest that students who get the same opportunity grab hold with both hands. In particular, I would also like to have a go at Lausanne' beautiful surroundings, not least those Alpes and their slopes. My old man has been kind enough to lend me his skiis so I come fairly well equipped for some fun in the snow. Otherwise, Switzerland is stragetically situated in the middle of Europe, so who knows where I will go.  

The date of my return will depend greatly on the time I need to find a suitable place to stay. Hopefully sometime next week. Ultimately though, I am confident that you can find plenty of interesting and informative content in my absence.

Best Wishes