Menu d'Erasmonius à l'HEC Lausanne

The following describes the menu of five courses which will be served for a select number of students during the month of January 2009. Students from the Erasmus program has been free to choose their own menu but in the following only slight deviations will occur from the more general, and fixed course, programs of the MSc in Economics and the MSc in Finance. As an integral part of the menu it is not expected that every student will finish the individual courses. Students on the Erasmus program should aim for consuming, at least, the minimum requirements at each course if they want to have their diploma in quantitative excellence transferred to their home cooking school.

The menu itself is an example of state of the art cooking mastery from the school of neo-classics (with a few notable exceptions). The menu will start with an entree followed by three main courses and a small dessert.  Each course will be accompanied by a suitable wine menu chosen by the corresponding head chef.

The menu includes, ad libitum, springwater (still and fizzy) from Eau de Calvin and homebaked bread.


January the 10th - Foie Gras á la Econometricus

A block of foie gras (250 grams) served with persil de cramér-rao, cornichons de gauss markow, and un gratin de légumes (style; Frisch-Waugh).

Wine menu: Chateau de Kroenecker 1998 (red, French) and Chateau de Lebesque 2000 (red, French)


January the 14th - Chateaubriand à la Matématiques

300 gram of the finest meat roasted in a marinade of miel d'algebraium with sauce de viande à la Leibniz. The meat will be served with freshly cut vegetables and pommes de terre à la Weiersstrass.

Wine menu: Taylor's Vineyard 2000 (red, Californian) and Chateau de Kuhn-Tucker 2000 (red,  Australian)


January the 17th - Truite à l'IFRS

Whole trout garnished with roasted vegetables à la IAS article 17.4 and 17.8; the fish will be served with asparagus de "Swiss GAAP". As a visionary treat the vegetables will be arranged in the famous pyramide de du-pont formation.

Wine Menu: Chateau de Chervany 2002 (white, French) and "ROCÉ" Chardonnay 2003 (White, Chilean)


January the 20th - Canard du Macro

Duck breast served with sauce de viance à la Lucas (RE style!) The meat will furthermore be served with a mushroom stew (style; Mankiw-Romer-Weil) and pommes de terre á la Romer (can also be served with nominal rigidities on request). 

Wine menu: Chateau de Solow 1958 (red, Californian) and Chateau de Tobin 2000 (red, French) 


January the 23th - Colonel Garelli

Three scoops of lemon-lime sorbet served in a high cup sprinkled with vodka and rhum-d'IMD.

Wine menu: Muscadet de Druckér (French) and Porto de Diamant (port, Spanish)


As they say on these parts ... bon ap!