Merry Christmas to Alpha.Sources' Readers and their Families

I am Danish as you probably know and thus unlike my Anglo-Saxon readers (or others) we celebrate Christmas the 24th of December so this is why I am coming in with a pre-mature Christmas greeting. I want to wish all my readers Merry Christmas which I hope they get to celebrate, like me, in the warm surrounding of their families. In my own little family, presents have been bought, the Christmas tree has been decorated and cookies and sweets have been lined up ready for consumption. To boot, we even have snow this year in Denmark (Copenhagen region) even if it is thawing into brown goo as I type. 

I will be preparing a couple of important posts over Christmas, not least un accompagnement to Edward's recent tour de force on Spain (with podcast) and Greece (I hear that he is working on Latvia too) as well as I will probably be indulging myself in some end of the year analysis on Chile and Japan.Well, promises, promises :) .. we will see.

As you can see to the right (click for better viewing), the bottom of the Christmas tree is bulging. My small nephew is coming this year (nearly 3 years old) and I drew the shortest straw for wearing the Santa outfit. If you are lucky you will get a picture of that too ;).



With my very best wishes