Alpha.Sources Has Been "Pommered"!

In case you were wondering why comments are suddenly shooting up on my posts I am sad to announce that it is not as a result of Alpha.Sources morphing into a discussion forum à la Macro Man or Economist's View. Rather, I have been Pommered the same way as Tyler Cowen and Nosemonkey have. Allow me to let Nosemonkey do the talking;

Dear “Raivo Pommer”

Posted on 01 March 2009 by nosemonkey


Seriously. This is getting really annoying. I’ve already blacklisted several IP addresses from you but you somehow keep getting through. I don’t know what you’re trying to say, nor do I care. No comments you leave on this site will stay in place for more than an hour or two anyway, so what’s the point?


Dear everyone else - apologies. Annoying German spam problems... (At least, I assume it’s spam - I don’t read German. Bloody annoying, at any rate.)

Tyler Cowen speculates who, or more precisely, what this guy actually is. Here at Alpha.Sources he started in German, but is now serving his musings in English. The funny thing is that they are actually somewhat on topic contrary to those Viagra, porn, etc trackbacks I also get from time to time. I still hold though that it is a particularly viscious bot and not a person. Perhaps time will tell.

In the mean time I will be deleting them as fast as I can keep up, sorry Mr. Pommer, but please do retort if you are out there.