Stanford Conference: Aging Asia: Economic and Social Implications of Rapid Demographic Change in China, Japan, and Korea

This certainly looks interesting. I am talking about a recently held conference sponsored, in part, by the Stanford center of Longevity about ageing in Asia, its implications, manifestations and consequences. The list of panelists is impressive and includes the likes of David Bloom from Harvard and Andrew Mason from Hawaii University. You can see the full list of presentations by following the links above. I would pay attention to the following (as per reference to my Japan fetish).

Financing healthcare in rapidly aging Japan - Naoki Ikegami

Coping With Population Ageing in China - Judith Banister

Global Population Aging and its Economic Consequences - David Bloom

Rapid Population Ageing and Integenerational Transfers in Japan (huge PDF, so watch out)

Hopefully, I will have more about this later.