Just as most people, not to mention school children, wind up, here in Denmark, to re-emerge from their holiday I will be pulling the plug and kick start my two weeks break. Especially this last bit about pulling the plug will of course be difficult and I always tend to get the cravings for news, blogs, data very quickly while away sitting on the beach. I take comfort in the fact that these breaks are, after all, healthy or so I have been told. I will however be packing a bit to stimulate my rather large inner wonk in the form of a some papers and even a textbook which I need to look into while away (but only one chapter mind you).

The lion's share of the reading will hopefully be David Leavitt and to the right you can see the titles I am bringing. By no means will I get to read the lot, but since the last two are collections of short stories (The Stories and Arkansas), I hope that I will be able to read around. It all depends really on whether the usual family bug of solving crosswords completely takes over or not. We will be going five adults this time so not even the genius crosswords can count themselves too sure I think. 

My destination will be Greece and more specifically a small town 50 km outside Athens where we (my family) are renting a small flat situated right at the beach (well almost). No wifi is a given although I will be trying, of course, to see whether I can catch a wave or two from the neighboring houses. If I manage to go online I will probably drop in with some small bits.

I will return the 22nd of August.


Best Wishes