Alpha.Sources 2.0 (Beta)

[Update 1: I am calling it a night now; this is definitely too dark and somber though, but luckily SQP is a treat to work with ...]

[Update 2: Ok, I am happier with it now]

[Update 3: Well, like one commenter said, "if it aint broke, don't fix it". Perhaps I should have heeded that call, but I wanted to move to the new SQP edition and that meant choosing a new design. After some hours of playing around I have realised that anything other than white background with black text does not really work for me, so I have kept it ultra simple. I hope you like it.]

Well, it is a new decade and I felt like redoing the design on the site in part because I wanted something else, but also because I could get considerably added flexibility by shifting the layout-theme on to the new SQP template versions (internal lingo, but just believe me). I am not sure I like the colors yet, and I have not decided on the final navigation layout cut. Other than that a couple of general notes ...

  • I have set the main journal (Alpha.Sources) to only show 3 entries (and potentially with excerpt only). I have done this to avoid excessive scrolling. Perhaps it works, perhaps it does not. I have not decided yet. However, as a reader tip you can of course, I presume, always look back in your respective feed readers. Other than that you will

    notice the "change tracker" on the right which tracks all changes on the site. I have set it to display 5 (mainly journal entries), so once I get started writing on this new platform, the changes should be recorded there. Moreover, the "search option" to the right is really good for finding old entries (I use it myself constantly) as well as is the navigation bar option "past and present entries".

  • I have not ditched the backlinks/blogroll!! However, since I wanted to get rid of excessive scrolling I have not decided how to represent my backlinks yet.
  • I am considering redirecting the main traffic to to a main homepage which I have not designed yet. The RSS feeds however will stay exactly the same so you do not need to change a thing at your end!

Otherwise, you can expect normal services to resume in due course.

test images ...

best wishes