Buying Bargain ... (not always a good idea)

Well, one member of TMM reported last week on a less than average day which included car issues; here is a corrollary from the world of Alpha Sources. Anyways, I thought I would bring the Golf in for a service this week to make it tip top. It turned out to be a bad idea and only goes to show that ignorance can be a bliss. Here is what transpired.

{phone calls}

CV: Hello

VW Service Woman: Hello Mr Vistesen, we have carried out our regular health and service check on your car and we have found some issues.

CV: Issues?

VW Service Woman: Mmm yes, your two rear brakes are gone, your clutch is very close to going, your rear coils are busted, your two left tyres need to be replaced and your are missing a front bump stop ....

CV: Erhh ... {banging head into wall}, so what can we do?

VW Service Woman: Well, your tyres are illegal and your brakes are gone at the rear.

CV: Ok change that then ... also change the front bump stop.

VW Service Woman: Ok, do you still want the full service.

CV: What will the price be then?

VW Service Woman: X

CV: Ok, but don't do the cambelt since it would make it y and y>x (by a mile!!)

VW Service Woman: Ok, then ... we don't have back coils home in stock.

CV: {ironically} lucky me!

CV: How much is a new clutch?

VW Service Woman: "z" ....

CV: Are you effing kidding me!!!?

VW Service Woman: No ..

CV: Don't change the clutch ...

VW Service Woman: Very well then, we will have the car ready for you this afternoon!

CV: I bet...

{CV needs to go down to Boots and buy some painkillers and the garage owner at Newland who sold him the car is going to need new front teeth!}


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