A Perfect Day at the Bridge, a Blue day ...

I got to say that I was a bit nervous before going into this one, but my oh my did the boys deliver when they had. 8-0 and the Wigan players must still be dizzy going into their bus to head home. A marvelous end to a marvelous season and I think we have well earned this championship.

All the players were excellent and despite a small tête-á-tête between Lampard and Drogba as the former insisted to take first pentalty (to make it 2-0) although the latter was chasing  PL top score glory it all ended will with Drogba clinching theaward with a hattrick to move three goals clear of Rooney. Now we are only missing the FA cup to make this a perfect season. Congrats to the players and especially those who, in football terms, are beginning to age. Truth be told and although I would love to see these lads do it again next year, this is probably the peak of this team.

(picture taken from the BBC)