In praise of online wordsmiths

I am generous when it comes to highlighting interesting ideas and theories on how the world works. After all that is the only way that we can make any progress in this world. My blogroll is big in that respect. However, I am picky when it comes to good writing. Only the best make it on my list. One of the absolute best out there, The Epicurean Dealmaker, has just released his greatest hits for 2013

This is the seventh year I have maintained this site, with greater or lesser diligence as the spirit moves me and non-blogging obligations allow. Seven years is a long time in any relationship, as marital psychologists and Tom Ewell alike can tell us. We will see in the coming year whether you and I can sustain our little pixellary romance, or whether like all good things this relationship must come to an end. I make no promises other than to be myself.

But do not think of that now. Look back on 2013 and revisit the year’s greatest hits, as determined by you. Enjoy.

I am sure the EPD will keep going to complete its eighth year of punditry. If you haven't jumped the bandwagon you should do so immediately. 

Other notable mention obviously goes to Team Macro Man and Cass where the level of linguistic wit, observation and syntax continue to keep the bar very high indeed for the rest of us.