Peace for our time in Greece?


Greece is on everyone's mind at the mind. In this podcast, I try to add counterweight to the growing criticism against the EU/ECB which has, predictably, risen in tandem with the desperation in Athens. I argue that a major part of the responsibility lies with the Greek government, and that the discussion on whether the Euro is fundamentally flawed is uninteresting, and essentially boring. The opening reference to Chamberlain is different from, but still inspired by, Polemic's reference here

Articles quoted/used:

Paul Krugman, June 2015 - The awesome gratuitousness of the Greek crisis

Steven Randy Waldman, July 2015 - Greece

Bloomberg Views July 2015, Clive Crook - Europe wants to punish Greece with Exit


The intro music is courtesey of the Lino Rise Project at Podcast is recorded using Audio Hijack 2, and edited with Fission, supplied by Rogue Amoeba.