Good News and Bad News

The bad news is that investors once again has to play armchair generals in the next few sessions as they try to gauge the importance of the Mr. Trump's sudden decision to put his foot down in Syria. There are no easy way to break this to investors. There is a lot stuff going on and even more well-minded "experts" who are ready to tell you what to do about it. The good news is that I am going to spare you my hot takes on this occasion, because I am going on holiday. My destination is Madrid, so please do look me up if you want a cerveza. I can most likely be found in one of El Prado's majestic halls. Assuming you lot haven't started a nuclear war and blown me to smithereens, I hope to be back next weekend with some more market-related meat and potatoes. 

Meanwhile, I have updated the portfolio section, where I have done absolutely nothing recently. Astonishingly, this has turned out to be a good decision.