Scott Peterson's lost comments on my retailiazation post

Scott Peterson from Polymath has tried to post a comment on my post on retailization in India. At first he was overpowered by the occasion glitch in cyberspace but luckily he chose to send me the comment an E-mail.

"One of the biggest reasons for the consolidation of the US retail sector was the construction of the interstate highway system that was initiated by President Eisenhower in the 1950's to provide a road system that would allow for rapid movement of troops and military supplies throughout the country.

The secondary consequence of this infrastructure investment was that it provided the opportunity for businesses to consolidate because of the greater ease of transportation generally. Walmart has been the biggest example of a business that built itself around the US highway network but there are many others.

I have a post at my site about some of the measures that Walmart is taking to deal with the pressures it is facing now, based on a Wall Street Journal article regarding Walmart."

This comment is important because it highlights the importance of infrastructure in the consolidation of the retail sector. This might seem simple and obvious but in an Indian context it is important because the development of infrastructure will most likely go hand in hand with the consolidation (retailization) of the Indian retail sector.