Not long now

Too many themes have caught my attention recently, so I’ll stick with some points on markets this week, leaving my more discursive thoughts for later. I think two things currently are serving to make sure that markets resemble deer caught in the headlights. For starters, Mr. Trump’s Twitter feed is keeping everyone on edge, whether they like it not. Markets clearly are moving as he tweets—no matter how crazy the statements—and to the extent that the president is using his executive powers to affect policy, he is liable to announce it on Twitter, even if he does decide not to go ahead. This makes Trump’s twitter feed a bit like nonfarm payrolls. Everyone knows that it is a lagging indicator, that it is heavily revised, and notoriously volatile due to seasonal adjustment and sampling issues. Still, knowing the headline in advance can make you a lot of money. In short; traders have to stay alert to Mr. Trump’s volatile ramblings. Secondly, markets are waiting for the decisions by the Fed and the ECB later this month. Further easing is all but guaranteed from both central banks, but expectations are elevated, increasing the risk of a disappointment. In any case, it is fair to say that whatever they actually do this month, the guidance from messieurs Powell and Draghi will be just as important as the actual actions taken by the FOMC and ECB.

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