Pain, and a Silver Lining

If you are an equity investor with time to read this, I reckon that I should have the decency to cut straight to the point. Based on macro liquidity indicators, I see a convincing case for a short-term bounce in global equities into year-end, before—unfortunately—further weakness in Q1. The main argument is summarized in the two charts on the following page. The first compares momentum—the 2nd derivative of y/y growth—in global equities and global real M1. I am working under the assumption that the year-over-year rate in the global stock index will decline gradually to -10% by the end of March. Adding back into the price points to just under 6% upside between now and the end of December, before a nasty 11% drawdown in the first quarter. This story is supported by the idea that higher yields and rising oil prices are now a significant challenge to multiples, especially in the U.S. Abee makes a similar point over at Macro Man, with the ominous addendum that it’ll probably get worse if growth in earnings falter, which they are liable to do, eventually.  

The argument for a short-term bounce is straightforward. At the time of writing, the global equity benchmark is down nearly 10% on the month in October, and about 5% for the year. I never thought that this would be a particularly good year for equities, but this seems like an excessive reaction, after all. 

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