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Holding pattern

The portfolio finished August much in the same fashion as in the previous four months, stumbling to a monthly loss of about 0.7%. The dip extended the decline since May to a total of 1.1%—a far cry from the punchy +6.4% in the first four months of the year—and paltry compared with the MSCI World's +3.7% return in the same period. The numbers get even worse by adding currency effects. In a nutshell, your humble scribe has found himself on the wrong side of the contrarian trade of the year; the greenback's fall from grace. Accounts denominated in DKK and GBP with a lot of USD denominated investments have not been particularly friendly for returns so far in 2017. Speaking of which, traders' arguments about the dollar is reaching a crescendo and bucky has a decision to make. A few weeks ago I mused that if DXY broke 93 to the downside, punters would need to rethink their views. The DXY slipped to 92.5 towards the end of August, and I imagine many FX geeks are doing just that. The chart below shows that the dollar hasn't exactly crashed through support, so it still has time to step back from the brink, but it's getting sporty. 

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