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Has this time been different?

One of the main tenets at this space has been to cut away the extremes in your [equity] investing strategy. There are those who see market tops and imminent crashes everywhere, and then there are those who believe debt-financed share buybacks and dividend payments can continue to propel the market higher forever. They are both wrong, but the persistence of these two narratives and their interaction has been a key story in this cycle. It is my firm belief that the oscillations between these two positions have created a huge middle ground, which allows investors to make money. In the peanut gallery we talk about "sector rotation," but it's more than that. It's also about different themes which cut across traditional equity sectors and allow for price movements of key industries—even country indices— in opposite directions. I suspect most market geeks would be able to agree on this over a pint in the pub. But can we quantify it?

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