A Cryptic Christmas in a World Not So Far Away

It was a cold morning in London and a brisk wind was creating ripples on the Thames. It was nipping at Josh' skin as he made his way across Vauxhall bridge. He had paced himself at yesterday's Christmas party, but he still had that feeling of unease you get when you had a few too many. His shirt felt too tight and the collar was itching. He had hoped the walk would make it go away, but was still dazed as he walked through the doors at MI6. 

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Fancy a Detour?

Your blogger is on holiday this week, so there will be no market musings until next week. In any case, no one wants to talk about anything other than the U.S. elections anyway, and I have preciously little to add on that topic. If you want respite from the tedious mudslinging in U.S. politics, however, read on. 

My latest short story is finally done, and I am offering it to you free of charge.

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