Fancy a Detour?

(This post was first posted on Alpha.Sources on November 4th)

Your blogger is on holiday this week, so there will be no market musings until next week. In any case, no one wants to talk about anything other than the U.S. elections anyway, and I have preciously little to add on that topic. If you want respite from the tedious mudslinging in U.S. politics, however, read on. 

My latest short story is finally done, and I am offering it to you free of charge.

It is best described as a modern version of the story, Landlord of the Crystal Fountain, by Malachi Whitaker which is a real gem. Apparently, BBC's Radio 4 did a dramatisation of Whitaker's story at some point, but the podcast is no longer available. Do let me know, though, if you find it. Whitaker's Wikipedia page reveals very little about Majorie, which was her real name, but this piece from 2009 by Jim Greenhalf adds some colour. 

My story is about the power of chance and having the desire and courage to jump into the unknown. Everyone has that desire in some measure, but few act on it. Even if that doesn't arouse your interest, do go read the original; it will be a welcome detour, I promise.