Mark to Market


The biggest challenge for a retail investor isn't only to pick the right securities to be long or short, but also to avoid messing around too much, which results in fees/costs eating up your capital. Someone once told me that patience is the greatest source of investment "alpha." This is obviously a terrible cliche, but also kind of true I think. I try hard to live by that mantra, but it isn't always easy. On occasion, I will be discussing the portfolio on the main blog. Any massive bloopers are my fault alone, and can't be blamed by a junior with a fat finger or an algo. 

As for performance. 2016 ended with a solid 12.8%, which was much welcome after a poor 2015. Performance tailed off in Q4, but I am hoping to keep up the momentum. As always, use my ideas liberally, but make you own decisions too, at least once in a while. If you want to debate markets you know where to find me