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Short stories and novels



Chris is the classic single millennial in the city of London. He has a good job, good prospects, but is struggling to keep his head above the waterline in the hustle and bustle of the Big Smoke. An opportunity to advance at work, and the chance encounter with Linda, hold great promise. But will he be forced to sell out a good friend to get what he wants, and will global financial markets threaten to conspire against his plans? 

Published June 22nd 2016, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


Inflection Point

Caleb is on his way to a dazzling career as a lawyer in London, while Emily is holed up in a hospital waiting to die from cancer. Their starting points are dramatically different, but their fates merge, and for a brief moment a connection is made. 

Published September 6th 2015, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform



With a nod to the short story Landlord of the Crystal Fountain by Malaki Whitaker, this story follows Crispin who is on his way to the wedding of a distant cousin. A random encounter means that he never gets there, but ends up somewhere else entirely. This is a story about the power of chance and having the desire and courage to jump into the unknown. Everyone has that desire in some measure, but few act on it. 

Published November 2016, initially as an open source story free for everyone. 



A thriller about the question “what if.” Laure and Liam are trying to make a success of a dying project for the Danish technology firm Horizon Labs. Andrew, an officer for the military policy in the U.K., is about to start an investigation of a routine incident on one of the Trident submarines. Vladimir is fighting to save his career at the Institute of Geography in Moscow. Three unrelated situations, which are about to be entangled by chance and fate. Together, they unwittingly stumble on something, which could tilt the balance of global power.

Published December 28th 2018, Amazon Kindle Direct, independent publishing platform.