Corporate blogging at a glance


I have posted here before about whether and how bloggers can make money for themselves through their postings and now I have chosen to point to another phenomenon in the blogoshere which potentially can have capitalising potential as well - corporate blogging. The point is to show the scope and diversity of blogging as an integral part of the internet as well as corporate communications.

The occasion is this survey of corporate blogging sponsored by IUpload avaliable here (subscription needed); I will refer to Jon Froda and Jesper Bindslev who runs the E-Mediator blog as they are my main source for this post.  It shows some interesting things about corporate blogging and above all it shows that it is an emerging phenomenon and that 55 % of corporations have embraced blogging as part of the communication strategy. Even more interesting was that the single most important reason why companies don't blog is that they do not see the benefits. This means that companies can differentiate themselves on how to use blogging efficiently as an interactive vessel of communication and as a common marketing saying goes - "differentiation is why people buy." 

"The two surveys in conjunction gives a really good overview of "both sides of the table", on one hand how and why corporations are jumping into the blogosphere and on the other hand how bloggers perceive corporations that are "free falling into the blogosphere" ... " 

If you want to know more about corporate blogging I can only recommend you to stay in touch of Jon and Jespers blog. They are currently tucked away in Sweden (favorite place of retreat and massive labour for CBS students) writing their master's thesis on, yep you guessed it, corporate blogging.

I for one believe in corporate blogging as a force to be reckoned with, but I may be wrong as differentiation based on blogging is probably more difficult than it seems.