Inequality based on sexual orientation?

Well yes, if we are to believe The Guardian ...

'Gay men face considerably lower wages than their heterosexual colleagues and are less likely to be in work, despite the introduction of a law to prevent discrimination against sexual orientation in the workplace more than two and a half years ago, a report says today.

Men in same-sex relationships were paid 6% less than their heterosexual counterparts and were 3% less likely to be employed, according to an article in the Centre for Economic Performance's CentrePiece magazine.'

But the picture changes a bit if we look at the opposite sex, quite a bit actually. Notice how commitment to ones children is used to substantiate the argument.  

'However, lesbian women in couples were paid about 11% more than heterosexual equivalents and were 12% more likely to be in work, partly down to child care commitments heterosexual women might have, the report said.'